Stop Feeding Cancer

Many people with Cancer are not told the Things To Do To Stop feeding Cancer. After seeing the Doctor they will go home and continue to feed the Cancer. In many cases the cancer comes back due to Acidosis (Acidic Blood) and also because the person did not know the things they were doing that contaminated their bodies to cause cancer.

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Here is a must watch video with Mike Adams from “Natural News”


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Finally here are the foods to eat to keep your body alkaline and keep cancer away.



Turkey tail mushroomsThe turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) mushroom, named for its colorful wavy stripes, is known for its strong antiviral, antimicrobial and antitumor properties. These properties have been attributed to two polysaccharides, polysaccharide-K (PSK), also known as krestin, and polysaccharide-P (PSP). The Japanese government approved the use of PSK in the 1980s for treating several types of cancers, and it is currently used along with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. PSK was shown to significantly extend survival at five years or beyond in cancers of the stomach, colon/rectum, esophagus, nasopharynx and lung (non-small cell types) in Japanese trials since 1970. Click here to learn more

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A combo of turkey tail extract and double-extracted chaga (80 proof vodka then boiling water) has proven to keep stomach cancer recurrence non-existent after tumor removal. No chemo necessary.

Here is one more for you. The power of Coconut oil to fight Cancer. A study was published that shows there is an active anti-cancer component in coconut oil that constitutes 50 percent of its makeup.coconut-oil-kills-93-of-colon-cancer-cells-in-vivo-featured It’s called lauric acid, and in a study published in the journal Cancer Research, researchers at the University of Adelaide discovered this component completely exterminated more than 90 percent of colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment in a colon cancer cell line (CRC) in vitro. Click here for more info

The study also reports/cites studies that postulate and indeed support the position that lauric acid can induce cancer cell death both in vitro and in vivo. For this study, the researchers used the rat small intestinal cell line as a model of normal intestinal epithelial cells, which again, “demonstrated that lauric acid induced considerable cell death.” Although there is still much to learn, there is obviously some potential here.

With that being said, as reported by the United Nations University, experiments are being conducted with animals to find out how coconut oil can guard against cancer and have already yielded some interesting results.

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Here is an organic vegetable formula that several thousand people have used to fight cancer.

Juice formula

An Austrian national, Rudolf Brojs, searched his entire life for the best alternative cure for cancer, and he was finally successful.

His special juice will boost your immune system, clean your blood and it will also supply your body with energy.

But the most important thing is that this juice is proven to help in the fight against cancer cells as well!

It has been effective in the treatment of over 45,000 people with cancer and other incurable diseases. Brojs is certain that proteins are what feeds cancer cells and we need to eliminate them.

He devised a special eating regimen which lasts for 42 days, and he recommends drinking just tea and his special vegetable juice, with beetroot as its main ingredient. During these 42 days, the cancer cells starve and die, while your overall health is improved.

In order to prepare his special juice you need organic vegetables. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Beetroot (55%),
  • Carrots (20%),
  • Celery root (20%),
  • Potatoes (3%)
  • Radishes (2%)

You just need to put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them all well. That’s it, you’re ready to start drinking this awesome formula.

Be sure to Click here to learn about 30 things that causes cancer and also the many natural things that have been proven to fight cancer.

Bottom line your health first is all that matters.


2 thoughts on “Stop Feeding Cancer

    1. There are several things we like to do ourselves…

      We like any and all anti-microbial essential oils. Like Thieves by Young Living and/or doTERRA’s OnGuard, for instance. We specifically offer doTERRA’s oils, but we still use Young Living.

      Oregano, Thyme and Clove are all essential for mold, slime mold, candida, fungus, etc…

      Google the following protocols…

      Dr. Jennifer Daniels protocol – [PDF]The Candida Cleaner Protocol –

      Steve Beddingfield’s F.I.R.M. protocol ( Mold and Morgellons Support Protocol – )

      Tony Pantalleresco aka HerbsPlusBeadWorks ( )

      Bye Bye Blue Sky Nano Poisoning or Nano Contamination ( )

      CBD Oil (HempWorx – )

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